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Pizza-Making Kits – Basingstoke

Welcome to Smokin’ Street Food’s “Make your own” Pizza Kits!

Most will know us as Ben and Rachel with the cool new wood fired pizza truck that pitches each week at Elvetham Heath, The Pelican Pub (Tadley), Chineham Business Park and Sherfield Park serving hand made Wood Fired Pizzas, fresh to order to take away. However in recent times our van has had to be parked up, awaiting the relaxation of social distancing rules and patiently waiting for when we are all able to get things back to normal.

In the meantime we have had to think outside the box to keep our business afloat, and we thought that if we can’t actually cook pizzas for you that we would provide our amazing customers with the option to buy a “make your own” kit that we will personally hand deliver (in full compliance with the council and government advice). Orders and payments will all be online and all you need to do is pick your kit up off the doorstep and get cooking, and then of course share your finished results!

What’s in the kit:

Thank you for giving this a go and supporting our business. We hope this provides something engaging, fun to do and suitable for everyone to get involved in, whilst also ending up with a delicious meal at the end!

Here’s what you get:

  • Parchment paper to make the pizza on
  • 2 or 4 x Hand-made dough balls
  • Home-made tomato sauce
  • Mozzarella and our home smoked cheddar
  • Flour
  • Full instructions!
  • Extra toppings if ordered
  • Reusable cool bag & gel pack included in delivery cost

Pizza kits

Small Margherita Kit


Makes two pizzas.

Large Margherita Kit


Makes four pizzas.

Add some toppings…

Each serving is for one pizza, not one kit – please specify how many you’d like!



Home Smoked Gammon


Goats Cheese




Roquito Peppers


Jalapeno Peppers






Chocolate Brownie (Gluten Free)


Other toppings to be added in due course and subject to availability. We also encourage you to add your own toppings from your fridge or larder as you wish!

Delivery Slot

Monday 1st June


Delivering to –

Hartley Wintney, Elvetham Heath, Fleet, Church Crookham, Cove, Southwood, Blackwater, Dogmersfield, Yateley, Eversley, North Warnborough, Odiham

Tuesday 2nd June


Delivering to –

Sherfield Park, Aurum Green, Vyne Park, Old Basing, Chineham, Popley, Lychpit, Basingstoke town centre, Oakridge, South Ham, Sherbourne St John, Sherbourne Field, Rooksdown, Hatch Warren, Kempshot, Beggarwood, Oakley

Wednesday 3rd May


Delivering to –

Sherfield-on-Loddon, Turgis Green, Riseley, Bramley, Silchester, Stratfields, Tadley, Pamber Heath, Padworth, Aldermaston, Mortimer, Burghfield, Baughurst

Thursday 4th June


Delivering to –

Sherfield On Loddon, Hook,
Hartley Wintney, Elvetham Heath, Fleet, Church Crookham

We will make a contactless delivery on your delivery day between 11-4pm (put your kit on the doorstep, ring your door bell and then step away). Please note we can NOT POST your kit, it will be delivered by us.

We have moved to insulated cool bags and gel packs to ensure your order arrives safely, particularly in the summer weather. There is a small increase in the delivery charge to reflect this. The bag and gel pack are totally reusable and can be used for chilled or frozen foods when you do your grocery shopping or go on picnics etc.

There is a NOTE section when you order. Please use this for any specific delivery instructions – however we can not guarantee specific delivery times beyond the range given.

PLEASE NOTE – you will NOT get a confirmation email from us. You will get a ‘payment confirmed’ email from PayPal, this is your confirmation, however if you’re not sure please email us.

Also please check that the default address on your PayPal account is correct, as that is what we receive and base your delivery on.


Note: Please inform us of any allergen information or special requests in the notes section below. You will be taken to PayPal to complete your order and enter your address for delivery.


More info…

    • Pre heat your oven to 250 c (or hotter if you can), if you have a pizza stone then put it in to preheat but if not then a flat baking tray will also work
    • We have created a video tutorial for you to watch for tips on how to create the base (scroll down) but you can just give it a go as you please or even just use a rolling pin.
    • We do advise you to use the flour included to cover your dough ball and the parchment you are making on to stop the dough from sticking to your hands/prep area.  TOP TIP – don’t use too much flour or you can really taste the flour on the base once it is cooked!
    • Use the parchment to put your dough on
    • Try and keep the base a similar thickness throughout, leaving some extra thickness in the crust before adding your sauce, cheese and toppings. If you make holes you can patch them up, the dough is quite resilient.
    • The base should be about the size of a dinner plate
    • Once you have created your masterpiece (remember you can add any extra toppings from home) you put the pizza (still on the parchment paper) into a really hot oven on to your tray/stone.
    • PS if it all goes wrong then just fold it over and make a Calzone!
    • Cook for approx. 7-10 mins or until the base has a bit of colour and the dough is crisp on the edges. IT WILL BE REALLY HOT!!!
    • Then you are ready to serve.

    How to hand stretch your pizza bases

  • Kits are best to use on the day of delivery but will keep for up to 24 hours in the fridge. You need to remove from the fridge between 2-4 hours before you prepare for the dough to be at room temp, other toppings can remain in fridge until you are ready.

    Kits must all be used within 2 days of delivery.

  • Please check with us if you have any allergies before using. All kits will include gluten and dairy

    Dough contains – Flour, Salt, Yeast, Olive Oil and water

    Sauce – Tomatoes, Salt, Herbs and Spices

  • Due to the ever-changing environment we are living in currently, there may be times that packaging or stock is hard to come by and our kits may deviate slightly in their appearance. We hope this wont delay or impact orders taken but we will advise asap should there be any unforeseen problems.

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