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Chef-Made Meals and Fresh Fruit / Veg & Grocery delivered to your door


We are Pip and Ed – we run a local events catering business together called Feast & Social. Our industry has been very much turned on its head, but we feel fortunate that we’re in a position to be able to offer help to our local community.

On top of working with Lewisham Mutual Aid to offer cost-price groceries to frontline NHS staff, we thought what better way to contribute than share the access we have to our incredible suppliers, all of which are also local businesses, to bring you high-quality, fresh and delicious produce.

In response to these extraordinary times that we find ourselves in, and the very real need to self-isolate, we have launched our new delivery service so that you can keep well-fed and healthy, whilst staying safe inside.


Delivery to customers within a 4 mile radius of our Battersea kitchen

We are constantly looking to widen our delivery radius. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you live outside the 4 mile radius – we’d love to help.

Please note, in order to keep the product offering as large as possible we will sometimes need to order some products in bulk quantities, which we will then separate out for you. Do not be alarmed if your chopped tomatoes arrive in a vacuum sealed bag!


Thank you so much for supporting a small business, and we wish everyone all the best in this difficult time ahead of us.

Minimum order: £50 for free delivery, £2.50 delivery charge for all orders under £50.

Opening hours: Flexible. We’ll be in touch to arrange delivery after you’ve placed your order.

Delivery info: We will make deliveries on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. For Wednesday and Friday delivery, please order by 4pm the day before. For Monday delivery, please order by 4pm on Saturday. We will deliver wearing face masks and sanitised gloves, and stay 2 metres away from you, for your protection.

*Additional delivery info: For orders containing Artisan Bakery products, the order cut off time changes in line with our bakery supplier. Please order by noon on Friday for delivery on Mondays, 10am on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesdays, and 10am on Thursday for delivery on Fridays.

Payment: Cash or via BACS payment – you’ll receive our account info for BACS payment via email immediately after placing your order – check your junk mail folder and get in touch if it’s not come through.

Phone: 07855044990
Email: info@feastandsocial.com

Quick and Easy Family Meals

Chicken, Mushroom & Tarragon Pie


Serves 1 – just add… mash & vegetables

Cook from frozen

Lasagna al Forno


Serves 1 – just add… vegetables & salad

Cook from frozen

Contains beef & pork

Lasagna al Forno


Serves 2 – just add… vegetables & salad

Cook from frozen

Contains beef & pork

Ragù Bolognaise


Serves 2 – just add… pasta

Cook from frozen

Contains beef & pork

Artisan Bakery *see above

Organic White Sandwich Tin, 800g Sliced


Organic Wholemeal Sandwich Tin, 800g Sliced


Organic White Sourdough Long, 800g Sliced


Organic Wheaten Sourdough Long, 800g Sliced


Organic Campaillou, 800g Sliced


Organic 100% Rye, 800g Sliced


Gluten Free White Tin, 400g


Organic Ciabatta Roll, 100g (pack of 4)


Organic Artisan Baguette, 300g


Organic White Sourdough Baton, 500g


Organic Lemon & Poppyseed Loaf, 400g


Organic Banana & Walnut Loaf, 400g


Organic Vegan Apricot & Almond Loaf, 400g



Kingsmill Medium Brown Bread, 800g Sliced


Kingsmill Medium White Bread, 800g Sliced


Organic Biona Wholegrain Rye Bread, 500g


Biona Pumpernickel Bread, 500g


White Pitta Bread, pack of 6


Dairy & Eggs

Arla Butter Unsalted, 250g


Arla Butter Salted, 250g


Whole Milk, 2ltr


Semi-skimmed Milk, 2ltr


Skimmed Milk, 2ltr


Onken Natural Yogurt, 500g


Mild English Cheddar, 250g


Mature English Cheddar, 250g


Black Cow Vintage Cheddar Deluxe, 200g


Grana Padano, 12 month, 200g


Mozzarella di Buffalo (balls), 125g


Yamas Halloumi, 250g


Erival Camembert, 250g


Texford and Tebbutt Stilton Blue wedge, 160g


Free Range Medium Eggs, 1/2 dozen


Free Range Medium Eggs, dozen



Alpro Oat Milk, 1ltr


Alpro Original Soya Milk, 1ltr


Alpro Soya Plain Yogurt, 500g


Violife Cheese Slices, Vegan, 200g



Smoked salmon , 250g


Chorizo sausage, sliced, 250g


Monte Plano Chorizo, for cooking, 500g


Orexis Houmous, 500g


Store Cupboard

Orange Juice, 1ltr


Belazu Early Harvest Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml


Belazu Cornicabra Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml


Wharfe Valley Rapeseed Oil, 500ml


Lapalisse Avocado Oil, 250ml


Biona Organic Coconut Oil, 200g


Belazu 1.17 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, 250ml


De Cecco No.12 Spaghetti, 500g


De Cecco No. 41 Penne , 500g


Molisana Gluten-Free Penne, 400g


Patna Laila Long Grain Rice , 2kg


Tate and Lyle Caster Sugar, 2kg


Tate and Lyle Granulated Sugar, 1kg


Heygates Plain Flour, 1.5kg


Heygates Self-Raising Flour, 1.5kg


Dove’s Farm Strong White Bread Flour, 1.5kg


Gluten-Free Chickpea Flour, 2kg


DCL Dried Yeast, 35g


Alpen Muesli, 400g


Rude Health Organic Granola, 500g


Scotts Porridge Oats, 1kg


Tiptree Strawberry Jam, 454g


Tiptree Orange Marmalade, 454g


Rowse Clear Honey, Squeezy, 680g


Nutella Hazlenut Spread, 400g


Cadbury’s Chocolate Spread, Nut-Free, 400g


Meridian Peanut Butter, Crunchy, 1kg


Meridian Peanut Butter, Smooth, 1kg


Gomo Canned Chickpeas, 400g


(delivered in vacuum pack bags, if pre-tinned unavailable)

Gomo Canned Kidney Beans, 400g


(delivered in vacuum pack bags, if pre-tinned unavailable)

Gomo Canned Chopped Tomatoes, 400g


(delivered in vacuum pack bags, if pre-tinned unavailable)

Fontinella Tomato Puree , 800g


Heinz Ketchup, squeezy, 342g


Belazu Balsamic Semi Dried Tomatoes, 330g


Belazu Smoked Chilli Jelly, 200g


Belazu Tagine Paste, 170g


Belazu Apricot Harissa, 170g


Belazu Smoked Chilli Harissa, 170g


Belazu Rose Harissa, 170g


Belazu Rose Harissa Pesto, 165g


Paterson’s Cracked Black Pepper Oatcakes, 250g


Paterson’s Rough Oatcakes, 250g


Anchovy fillets in olive oil , 365g


Seasonings and Spices

Costas Fine Sea Salt, 780g


Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, 250g


Whole Black Peppercorns, 40g


Cumin seeds, 40g


Cumin Ground, 40g


Coriander Seeds, 40g


Coriander Ground, 40g


Smoked Paprika, 40g


Sweet Paprika, 40g


Fennel Seeds, 40g


Ras al Hanout, Moroccan Spice, 40g


Chilli Powder, 40g


Chilli Flakes, 40g


Cayenne Pepper, 40g


Cajun Seasoning, 40g


Turmeric Ground, 40g


Fresh Vegetables

Aubergine (each)


Broccoli 500g


Butternut squash 1kg


Button mushroom 250g


Carrots 1kg


Large Cauliflower (each)


Celery 500g


Courgette 500g


Cucumber (each)


Cos lettuce (each)


Brown onions 500g


Red onions 500g


Spring onions (bunch)


Leeks 500g


Sweet potato 700g


Maris Piper potato 1.5kg


Tomatoes 500g


Cherry tomatoes, punnet 250g


Red peppers 500g


Baby spinach 200g


Rocket 125g


Avocado (each)


Garlic bulb (each)


Red chillis 50g


Ginger 100g


Fresh Herbs

Coriander (bunch)


Parsley (bunch)


Basil (bunch)


Rosemary (bunch)


Fresh Fruit

Banana (each)


Orange, large (each)


Grapefruit (each)


Apple, braeburn (each)


Conference pear (each)


Lemons (each)


Limes (each)


Black seedless grapes, punnet 500g


Blueberries, punnet 125g


Raspberries, punnet 125g


Strawberries, punnet 500g


Delivery options:

Free Delivery (for orders over £50 only)


Please only select this if your order is over £50, or it won’t be processed.

Standard Delivery (for orders under £50)


Please make sure you select this if your order is under £50, or it won’t be processed.


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